Jennifer Cortright

Jennifer Cortright

Founder, Executive Director

Use your CPF budget to finance your training

What is the CPF (« Compte Personnel de Formation ») ?

The CPF (formerly known as DIF) came into effect on 1st January 2015 to finance training for all salaried employees in the private sector. CPF funding makes it possible for employees to select and finance the training course of their choice.  The account is linked to an individual, not a company. Each employee receives an annual budget of €500, cumulative over time up to €5 000. Professionals can select and purchase training courses, using the MonCompteFormation website or application. The site offers a catalogue of training programs by qualified experts such as English Connection. Create your account.

Recover your former DIF hours, convert them into €!
Find out more :

Don’t lose your DIF hours! Adding them to your CPF requires a bit of paperwork – it isn’t automatic. Deadline for transfer to your CPF account: 31 December 2020.
To recover your DIF balance, ask your employer to complete this form: Attestation DIF.
Registered DIF hours are then converted directly into Euros, valid for use with no expiry date.

“Business Skills in English” programs now available on MonCompteFormation:

English Connection meets the MonCompteFormation required quality criteria:

  • Certifying training programs eligible for CPF funding
  • Regulatory and ethics compliance, consultant qualifications, customer satisfaction
  • OPQF Qualification since 2011

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