Experiential Music Workshops to Reinforce Your Leadership Skills

Use music to resonate with leadership fundamentals

Get out of your comfort zone and cope with the unexpected

The Coach

The Coach

Jennifer Cortright

Learn to play in harmony and connect with team members

Inspire and lead through emotional connection

Orchestral Workshops

The Symphony of Leadership
The Harmony of Your Team

The Conductor

Zach Ullery
The American Cathedral, Paris

Conductor, Music Program Director,
Choirmaster, Organist

Jazz Workshops

How The Team Swings
Agile Leadership in a Complex World

The Band Leader

Rob Clearfield
Professional Jazz Musician

Band Leader,
Pianist And Composer

  • Work with professional classical musicians in an orchestral setting to practice leadership and management, where every gesture matters.
  • Express yourself through emotion and non-verbal communication: eye-contact, breath, facial expression, posture, and body language
  • Create coordination among an ensemble through clear instruction, whilst allowing individual talents to shine 
  • Set an intention and share a vision with the group you are leading
  • Work with professional jazz musicians to practice innovating and improvising within new constraints, individually and collectively.
  • Understand the importance of structure, trust, and compromise essential in jazz – and how they apply  in the workplace
  • Dare to take risks, unleash creativity, and experience first-hand a unique musical journey
  • Improvise and experience joy in creation by leveraging the ensemble to try bold new approaches together

“The conductor patiently leads the musicians to discover a work, to appropriate it technically before making it sublime during a concert.

The orchestra is a team. 

Just as in a company, its members must combine their skills and their art for excellence. In both cases, the synergy between the leader and the team makes the difference.”

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