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Our Services

Since 1992, English Connection has offered corporate training in English for top executives and their teams. Our customized programs are designed for professionals, and our clientele is essentially “B2B”.


“Get your business done in English!”

Our team of experienced trainer-consultants includes professionals in the fields of law, finance, RH, public speaking and corporate communications. We put clients in the driver’s seat, engaging them with an interactive, experience based approach focused largely on their own authentic working documents, helping them “get their business done in English”.


We remain at your disposal to analyse your needs and provide a customized quote upon request. Our pricing varies depending on the area of expertise: business English, finance, legal, RH, public speaking…  Voir nos conditions générales de vente.

Performance and Results

We train over 100 executives annually. Program length depends on client needs and objectives : from a half-day workshop to a 50-hour annual program.

We work as true partners with our clients, many of whom have trusted English Connection for a decade or more. In 2020, we were proud to support more than 20 companies(*page « Références »)

Participants generally have a good working knowledge of English; they come to us to learn new skills, and prepare for international corporate events. The overwhelming majority declare themselves « Very Satisfied » by our services.

Test results, Linguaskill by Cambridge = 100% success rate

Test results, BEST “Business English Skills Test”= 100% success rate



All of our programs exist in remote formats via video-conferencing, accessible to those with reduced mobility. We also go onsite to client premises adapted to accommodate all employees. Please contact us for further details on how we can accommodate your specific needs.

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Mon Compte Formation

Register for our programs and put your CPF credit to good use – the
MonCompteFormation application makes it easy!


OPQF qualification attests to our professionalism. It guarantees consultant qualifications, regulatory compliance and corporate ethics, and customer satisfaction.


Datadock guarantees our firm’s compliance with quality standards defined by law and our eligibility for CPF financing.

Linguaskill Cambridge

Authorized preparation and test center for the Linguaskill certifying exam.


Membership in EMCC, the organization that develops, promotes, and defines best practices in mentoring, coaching, and supervision.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization for coaches. ICF sets high standards and provides independent certification and credentials. 

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