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Update FNE: State aid for remote training

Update FNE: €1 500 in state aid for training, all employees eligible


During the Covid19 crisis, FNE aid of up to €1 500 for training has been extended to cover ALL EMPLOYEES of companies on partial unemployment – including those employees who remain active.


Send in your request for funding before 31 May 2020.


State funding of up to 1 500 € is automatically processed for the remote training course of your choice.


Employees may benefit from training to develop their professional skills. All courses are eligible, with the exception of required Covid-19 Hygiene and Safety training.

How ?

  • Training can take place even after lock-down ends and company activity resumes. Training may continue after 31 May 2020, as long as the request for aid was filed before the 31 May 2020 deadline.
  • Employees must agree to training in writing.
  • Requests for aid must be filed with your regional DIRECCTE office.

Which Training?

Our Business Skills in English programs are now 100% remote: Making the Pitch, Presenting in English, Powerful Public Speaking, Business English, Legal English, Career Transitions…

Find out more by clicking on the links below:

Our Business English Skills programs
Download the FNE training contract
Download the FNE Training Aid form
More info from the French Ministère du Travail

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